Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wide Range Receive Radio via SDR & Android

So much technology is changing the face of radio. A new type of "sound card"... this one processing RF frequencies instead of sound waves, has opened up the realm of low-cost radio receivers with virtually limitless potential to explore the electromagnetic spectrum.
Software Defined Radio, SDR, center around a specific processor chip... RTL2832, initially used to tune HDTV broadcast TV on desktops & laptops. But it wasn't too long before some imaginative types figured out that it can tune a lot more than the narrow part of the spectrum carved out for HDTV. Now it's like every day there's new apps, new circuits, and new things being done with a SDR dongle and some software.
The hardware being explored here is just a tiny example of what can be utilized. Matching up a Proscan Android 7" Tablet, to a UHF/VHF/HF RTL-SDR Tuner Receiver to receive FM Radio is a snap, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's not just local Broadcast stations, the set-up potentially can tune in ANYTHING in the UHF & VHF part of the radio spectrum. Adding a tuned antenna other than the one that comes stock, tuned for Broadcast FM, you'll have a capable portable receiver for a huge part of the radio spectrum.  Being that it's done on a portable Android Tablet demonstrates practicality & portability in spades.
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UPDATE: The Software Defined Radio hobby is brand new territory. Practically each day, enthusiasts  are exploring new ways to utilize the hardware, creating new software, and coming up with new applications. No license is required to operate a radio receiver, so anyone can get into the hobby. And if you are inclined to "roll your own" and build your own electronic circuits, there's plenty of SDR kits, plans & schematics available to tinker with.

RF Analyzer: brand new App for SDR's driven by Android like the Hack RF One

One of best places to learn more about SDR's is a continually updated clearinghouse of everything SDR. From there you can unleash your inner geek learning about cutting edge SDR circuits, test new apps and software plug-ins that unleash more features and new applications.

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