Saturday, October 4, 2014

Education in Radio Theory Courtesy of the US Army

Anybody can be a Ham nowadays, the basic licensing isn't too hard to figure out, but if you're serious about the hobby, and serious about radios, it's important to learn how the Radio works. That's also the opinion of the US Army in training troops to operate & repair radios. The Army's been training troops fresh out of basic training to become Radio Specialists & Operators for decades. The training starts with the fundamentals of basic radio theory, and we can make use of the same training movies the troops had to view, for Ham Radio. While the films are a bit dated, the theory isn't. They offer valuable insight to the fundamentals of radio, especially in explaining that which is such a mystery to many.

Here's is what you learned about FM Radio Theory if you were in a Army Ground Radio School back in 1964:
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