Wednesday, August 20, 2014

goTenna™ set to boldly take your smartphone where "no signal" has gone before

An ambitious startup hopes to expand the functionality of smartphones everywhere, solving common limitations to cellular service. It's often a problem in crowds, remote locations, or during power outages...cellular phone service is interrupted, a maddening circumstance, especially when the need to communicate can be particularly vital. But a new device, aiming to be available late this year, may fill the "no signal" gap by offering point to point communications with other similarly equipped smartphones nearby.
The patent pending goTenna™ is a 2 watt two-way radio, operating on the 151-154 MURS band, linking via bluetooth to your smartphone, and broadcasting your signal to other goTenna™ equipped smartphones. The device is currently undergoing compliance testing with the FCC. If accepted, it should be on the market by Christmas.
The device will be sold in pairs so two different smartphones can communicate, with an effective range of up to a half mile in typical urban settings, further in open terrain. goTenna™ promises to solve many of the common problems associated with current cellular systems by eliminating the need for cell towers, wifi, or satellite to communicate from one phone to another.

Learn more about goTenna™ or even pre-order your own set, on their website.

1 comment:

Craig Carnahan said...

$150 for a low power MURS radio that links to your phone? Are you kidding me? I'd much rather have a higher power actual radio (that has loads more frequencies or channels) for a lot less money. This is an expensive solution that's looking for a problem that doesn't exist (for most of us at least).

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