Sunday, June 16, 2013

Prepare for Field Day 2013

Wishing to learn more about Ham Radio? Make plans to seek out a local Ham Radio Clubs Field Day exercise that's coming up next weekend, Sat. June 22. Attend a field day event and meet some Ham Radio operators,  they'll be eager to show you how to get on the air... heck they'll likely set you down in front of a radio and let you communicate with Hams all over the nation! 

Experience Field Day once, and you'll know you'll be doing it again & again. It's Ham Radio's way of experiencing radio operations under emergency "field" conditions. From the very beginning, Ham Radio has risen to the call, responding to emergencies, providing vital communications. Over the years, the last Saturday in June has become "Field Day"... an occasion to test skills & equipment, preparing for when the need arises. Amateur Radio has been Prepper before there was Prepper! 
The capability to Bug Out, set up & operate effectively takes practice. That's why Field Day is important. It offers a way to test methods & equipment. It's also a lot of FUN! Don't be shy, don't pass up a great chance to meet local Hams, see Ham Radio gear in operation, experience first-hand how... "When everything else fails... HAM RADIO WORKS!"

Looking for a local Field Day event? Try the ARRL Field Day Locator!

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