Sunday, January 27, 2013

What's in Your EDC?(Every Day Carry)

by Robert Hawkins
You remember how Mom's purse was a bottomless pit of supplies?  She could pull out Band-Aid's, bobbipins, handkerchief, roadmap, cash, coins, chewing gum, tennis shoes, on and ON! Any "emergency", she was ready.  She'd just reach in and pull out a remedy, diversion, or some day-saving device, just what was needed in the nick of time.  Kinda like having a hardware store in a handbag.
So all that "stuff" was her "EDC", her "Every Day Carry", all the regular, or not so regular, or "you-never-know-when-you-need" STUFF! ...all available in a moment. Yeah, that's what you'll find in a purse, handbag, or daybag... problem is, no self-respecting Prepper would want to tote a purse, so you get imaginative...

In my case, I got a VEST!
With a look like I kissed the wrong end of a baby, I face the day...

Outside of Wallet and Car Keys, what you carry as you walk out into the world can be as wide ranging as different grains of sand. As much as each person has individual needs, so too will be the inventory of "stuff" you may assemble. But there are common basics. A knife, or scissors, a band-aid or two, something to make fire, "pin money" ...there's more, but you get the idea. The items that make up YOUR EDC, are items YOU think you need... needed for "whenever." So here's my EDC... I always admired those professional photographer type Khaki vest's with bulging pockets ...LOTS of pockets. And so being such a clothes horse... NOT! I have no regrets leaving the house each morning looking like I'm heading off on Safari.
The vest holds quite a haul...
(clockwise) Shortwave AM/FM radio, sugar glucose tablets, Swiss Army Knife, checkbook, poncho, ID Cards, Firestarter kit (with matches, firesteel, lighter,& tinder),  keychain screwdriver & phillips, ink pen,  photo memory cards, oloclip lens kit, USB card reader, mechanical pencil.

There's considerable weight there... likely 15 lbs of gear all together. But looking at me, you can tell I'm accustomed to carrying some weight... With everything squirreled away in pockets all over, the biggest problem I have is beating myself up patting all around for whatever I'm looking for.

Just in case my porch roof leaks,(it HAS in the past), I'm PREPARED!
What you need while out and about, can be easily carried with you with planning, ingenuity, and creativity. Regardless if you use a vest, backpack, handbag or Uhaul trailer, make your EDC neat, tidy, compact and prepared!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Preparing for the next new thing...

As Ham Radio Operators, we are naturally attuned to computer technology.  Going forward, facing a world shaped even more in the use of personal computing and as Ham Radio Preppers, we particularly enjoy the features of a modern world in our communication hobby and strive to work on ways to make it suit our needs.
Today there's a sea change in thinking where the future of personal computing is heading, a world where natural resources becomes more & more costly. As Preppers, we strive for self-sustainability and independence from outside resource. So would it interest you if there was computer technology that scales back your energy needs in a major degree? Instead of a powerful desktop computer eating up 200 watts of electricity, how about one that only uses 40 watts, or 20 watts, or 15 watts? Or how about major desktop computing power in a portable format that only takes up the space of a coffee mug? Better yet, it's technology that's not a bank-breaker in itself. Imagine no more, the technology has arrived...
Modular computing addresses the form-factor limitations and planned obsolesce currently in personal computing. Xi3 Corporation is leading the pack, designing a personal computer that's not only super efficient, but scalable, adaptable and survivable as well. Here is the future of computing. Bank on it.

But don't that my word on it. Check it out for yourself, right here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ham Radio And The Chinese Market

by Don Gallauher

As I pull the small BaoFeng UV-5R dual band out of my shirt pocket i cant help but feel a sense of amazement at how tiny the radio is, and yet so capable. I flick the ON/OFF switch up to turn the radio on and tune to my favorite FM broadcast stations as the sounds of music fill the speaker. Good solid sounding audio without that tinny sound like so many other small portables. I then tune up into the UHF portions and listen to the local FRS operators chatting away. I know I can't use the radio here but it sure is tempting at times. I suppose that if it were an emergency situation and someones life were at stake that maybe the F.C.C would slap me on the wrist and tell me not to do it again without fining me some outrageous sum of money.  READ MORE

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