Monday, October 29, 2012


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The biggest storm in recent US history is  approaching the Northeast Atlantic Coast. Hurricane Sandy is forecast to make landfall approx 8PM EST Oct 29 near Trenton NJ bring 90+MPH winds and 6+' storm surges to much of the NJ/NY coastline. This dramatic storm is expected to effect the majority of the northeastern US with heavy winds, rain, snow & ice.

As Ham Operators, we stay poised to offer aid for any emergency, & no doubt there are Hams in the effected region now taking action in support for their community. During the brunt of the storm you can expect that wide-spread power outages may occur throughout the region, but more importantly, the days following the storm may be critical as communications may become compromised. Ham Radio operation may be one of the only methods of communications available until normal communication links can be restored.
The following links & services may offer good status info for anyone, especially Ham Radio operators assisting in keeping lines of communication open and passing traffic. 

Google Maps have a crisis map of the storm... Click On Image to Link

 The Hurricane watch net is Amateur Radio's pipeline to the National Weather Service with operators working inside the NHC. Listen on 14.325.00 MHz and 7.268 MHz and 3950 MHZ, or via the web. 

If you are 300 miles inside the approach of the storm and have a weather report you can submit it via the WX4NHC Online Hurricane Weather Report Form.

The 14.300 MHz Mobile Maritime Net. Another service net offering coverage & co-ordination for weather reports particularly for ships at sea. Any ship over the horizon can count on the Maritime Net to help keep them communicating with dry land.  Listen live via the web here.

SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) provides emergency communications support to the Salvation Army wherever needed on site, at the local level, via VHF/UHF Nets. During wide-spread emergencies (hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, etc.), the 14265 kHz Net becomes emergency traffic and H&W Net providing tactical assistance to those on site and handling outgoing H&W messages. The 14265 kHz Net is generally on the air from 1200Z to approximately 0100Z during times of wide-spread emergency. Check our web site at to determine the alert status of the SATERN Net.

Naturally, the point source for recovery & response is Federal Emergency Management Administration with TONS of links & info. (Hint: It's not your Daddy's FEMA anymore...they've learned a LOT from Katrina.)

As the East Coast faces an onslaught of weather, count on Ham Radio to serve in a unique capacity, and fill a most critical need. Hams everywhere stand ready to aid in any way they can. Preparing is a watchword Ham Radio speaks everyday. 

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